Your Options for Promotional Badges

30 Jan

Badges have long been considered a favorite promotional item for a lot of companies. In the past couple of years, they have evolved. Some manufacturers have thought of ways to come up with new designs that would be fitting to the needs of different companies. One of the main reasons why they are popular will have to be its size that is very portable. You see, even with their small size, they are capable of containing just enough information or the image of the message or product that you want to convey about your company. Moreover, promotional badges are very cost-effective and economical to produce. If you have decided to get these promotional badges as your promotional products, you then proceed to decide which type of promotional badge you should be getting. If you want to read more about your options of promotional badges, make sure to click for more info.

One of the simplest types of promotional badges is ID badges. You can use this type to serve as a smaller version of your poster or use one for identification purposes. You can choose to have it in metal or plastic material, all depending on your requirements. You can also include your company logo, a slogan, names, a statement, or a message. You may also have them hung or pinned on a lanyard.

Button pins are another promotional badge that you can choose. If you are on a budget, this will surely be a great option. They often include company images and logos that can be seen easily. However, because of its size, only a short slogan or statement to promote your campaign or company can be included. You can have button pins placed or worn on different items like bags that are very popular for teenagers.

If you want a metal promotional badge on a budget, you can go for flat lapel badges. Not only do they have a unique shape but also, they have a colored enamel finish. For another variant of metal badges, choose raised embossed lapel badges. They are not just embossed but also have an enamel finish. The image will be embossed in its metal based by stamping dies.

For photo etched badges, they are metal badges where you can place the photos of your company. This can be done by etching the photos on their metal base. The finish is made of enamel material and is much smoother in comparison to embossed lapel badges.

Lastly, you can choose jeweled lapel pins if you want your promotional badges studded with synthetic gems and die case. This is the most ideal for a target market that is more upscale. Read more now...

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